Training Tips

If your puppy is to be a well adjusted adult dog, he or she needs to learn how to act properly around people, including children and other animals. A puppy that is not socialized frequently grows up to be aggressive and fearful.

A properly socialized dog is well adjusted and makes a good companion. It is neither frightened by nor aggressive towards anyone or anything the dog would normally meet in a day to day living. An unsocialized dog is untrustworthy and an unwanted liability. They often become fear biters. Most socialization is best to do before three months of age. Make sure each of the following events is pleasant and not rushed. Assure your puppy that it is okay so you do not create a phobia that could last a lifetime.

**Invite friends over to meet your new puppy, including men, women and children of all ages and different ethnic backgrounds.

**Allow your puppy to play with friendly vaccinated dogs and cats. If you don’t know if their vaccinations are up to date, don’t take the risk, wait until your puppy’s vaccinations series are completed or let them play with another dog that is.

**Take your puppy for short rides in the car.

**Introduce him/her to unbrellas, bags, vacuum cleaners, collars, leashes and gradually to loud noises. (Do not reward fearful behavior!)

**Accustom him to bathing, brushing and toenail trims.